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The True Story

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About The Book:

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About the Author:  A West Pointer, Harvard MBA, and decorated Vietnam Veteran, 57 year old Land Developer Michael D. Miller is an improbable candidate to bring this mystical tale of Camelot to the world. Using the technique of past-life regressions, and relying on his own highly developed psychic abilities, he regressed 102 people back to their lives at Camelot. Their resulting stories may be the truest account ever of the Arthur legends.


Galahad stated during his regression:

"Camelot was never meant to be as a Constellation in the sky. A Constellation is permanent. Camelot was never meant to be permanent. It was instead meant to be as a Shooting Star. It was meant to flash briefly across the sky. Camelot was meant, in its brief sojourn on earth, to give us a glimpse of what mankind could aspire to. It set an example for us, just as the Shooting Star shows us for a brief instance the beauty and glory of its existence. But just as we remember the beauty and magnificence of the shooting star long after it has vanished, the concepts and ideals established by King Arthur's Round Table were remembered in the hearts of men long after Camelot was no more."


About Camelot:

Camelot was about love, honor, and nobility. Merlin and Arthur established the Round Table as a movement to set the example for man of what he could achieve when he recognized his connection to God, and when he let his natural qualities of nobility and honor guide his actions.

This is the story of Camelot and King Arthur as seen through the eyes of 102 people who were regressed to their past lives with King Arthur and Camelot. Hear the story as related by Guenivere, Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Lancelot, Galahad, Gawaine, Percival, and other members of the Round Table, their wives, and children.


Introduction To The Book:

I began to meditate in 1985. I meditate daily. Since 1992 my spirit guide has been Merlin. He comes to me while I am in meditation. I have been blessed with the ability to speak with, and sometimes see him. Over the next few years we developed a pretty good working relationship. Then, in 1994, he asked me to work with him to reconstruct the true story of Camelot.

It seems that King Arthur lived around the year 500AD. Nothing was written about him until the year 1200AD. This 700-year gap caused much of the true story to be lost. Most of what has been written about him has been conjecture, guesswork, or reconstructed legend. "It is time for the real story of Arthur to be told," said Merlin.

We then embarked on a fantastic journey which still has me amazed. Merlin has brought to me 102 people who were reincarnations of persons who had lived during Camelot. I regressed each of them, and each told his or her story. I captured 82 of the regressions on tape. This collection of tapes tells an amazing story, a story which is more beautiful than anything yet written.

The ideals of Camelot are still remembered. They will always be remembered. There are periods since Camelot when these principles have once again surfaced as guiding beacons for mankind's struggle to regain his oneness with God. But again, mankind was not ready, and so they were again extinguished. But never forgotten. They live on in the breasts and hearts of men. And they will continue to resurface as mankind progresses in his spiritual evolution. One day they will surface, and mankind will be ready. Then Camelot can be permanent. In the meantime, we keep these ideals kindled in our hearts, waiting for that magic and wonderful day."

Galahad was right. A few of the highlights of the story are as follows: Camelot was about love, honor, and nobility. Merlin and Arthur established the Round Table as a movement to set the example for man of what he could achieve when he recognized his own godliness; when he let his natural qualities of nobility and honor guide his actions. The Round Table was round because it represented the earth. Just as when a pebble is dropped into a still pool of water, and it creates a series of circular ripples which eventually reach out and cover the entire pool, so was the Round Table meant to represent the first ripple of a concept which will expand until it has covered the earth.

As Arthur selected young men and trained them to be great martial warriors, so did Merlin at the same time train them to become great spiritual warriors. This balance was their magic. They knew that when they had purity of heart, innocence, and God's blessing for the nobility of their purpose, they could not be defeated. Merlin also taught them many protective magic rituals. They could, for example, make themselves invisible, shape-shift into other forms, or make one man appear to be many. Thus armed with Arthur's and Merlin's training, these warrior-priests could singlehandedly defeat large groups of the enemy.

Camelot was love. All of the knights adored their king and queen. Merlin was greatly loved and admired. Great comraderie existed among the knights. Even the great sword Excalibur was about love. When Excalibur was forged, Merlin arranged a special ceremony where Jesus and St. Michael appeared and placed their hands in the molten metal, thus permanently imbuing it with their energies of love. This gave Excalibur its famous powers. For when someone held Excalibur in their hands, they were enveloped with love. When enveloped in love, you cannot be harmed. This is only one of the messages which Merlin seeks to rekindle within us: love is the greatest protection of all.

As the following stories tell, Camelot was a beautiful experience. Quite possibly it is mankind's most beautiful experience yet. But built into the fabric of this experience was tragedy; tragedy which would bring the dream of Camelot to its end.

What sort of tragedy? The tragedy of two sets of soul mates who could never be together. One set of soul mates was the king and his sister. The other was the king's best friend and the king's wife. Fate cast them into this difficult situation, quite possibly so that Camelot would end when it was supposed to end. Another tragedy was that Arthur's idealistic genius, which created the magic of Camelot and the Round Table Movement, did not know how to comprehend or defend against treachery. Believing that all around him shared his purity and idealism, he did not respond when his kingdom was threatened by the darker sides of men's ambitions.

It was Arthur's destiny to bring Christianity to Britain. This threatened the existing druid religion. To ease their concerns, Arthur promised to protect the druids. He promised them that they would always peacefully coexist with the Christian church. Ironically, years later when the church had lost its memory of Arthur the benefactor, church leaders mounted a campaign in Europe against Arthur because he protected the heathens (druids) from persecution. A large Christian army came to Britain, and in Arthur's 57th year, he and his knights and his movement were destroyed in a last dramatic battle. And Camelot was no more.


 The Book:

 Title: Camelot The True Story;   Size: 6in.x 9in.,   384 pages

Author: Michael D. Miller

Price: $14.95   ISBN: 0-965148-41-6


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